About Us

Blossoming Buds Cottage is the sister facility to Blossoming Buds Preschool both located in NE Seattle. Our first preschool opened in November of 2004 and has been successfully educating children from 2.5-5 years ever since. With our popularity rising each year, we are thrilled to offer an additional Preschool option at The Cottage.

Both Blossoming Buds facilities are firm believers in organization, cleanliness, and continuity in order for children to have a successful experience in a school setting. Like our preschool, The Cottage follows a daily routine to keep the atmosphere warm and orderly. We offer two scheduled art, story, and snack times daily. We also have a designated play area where students can explore individually during free choice time. Each day our students gain creativity and grow in social and cognitive skills.

Each month will be organized around an academic theme to keep each day fun and fresh. Throughout the day, we will explore the monthly theme by reading stories, singing songs, and constructing art projects. Please refer to our Daily Schedule page to learn more about each theme of the month.

Our beautiful (and secure) kid-friendly designed facility offers over 3,000 square feet full of art areas, a reading nook, a play house area, a themed self-discovery area, trucks, blocks, puzzles, and the fun goes on and on! We have everything to keep our students engaged and stimulated while building life-long skills.

We are known for putting the needs of our students first and foremost. We believe in what we do, and like our families at our preschool, we believe you will too. At last, a nurturing, positive place you can feel good about leaving your children for a few hours. Call us now to set up the first day of your child’s bright future:  become a part of the Blossoming Buds family.

Daily Schedule

This is an overview of what our fun daily schedule looks like. Please note that you may come at anytime during the day that works in your schedule from 2-4 hours/day.

8:00am – The Cottage Opens, Free choice play

9:30am- Story time, calendar and meet-and-greet all students . (Fridays we have sharing! Bring a special toy from home to share!)

10:00am– Art project

10:45am- Story time

11:00am- Snack/Lunch

12:00pm- Free choice play or dancingor other gross-motor skill activity (Mondays we have music class from 11:45am-12:15pm) https://www.facebook.com/mrryansmusicandbooks

1:30pm- Story time, calendar and meet-and-greet all students . (Fridays we have sharing! Bring a special toy from home to share!)

2:00pm- Art project

2:45pm- Story time

3:00pm- Snack time

3:30pm- Free choice play or, dancing or other gross-motor skill activity

4:00pm– The Cottage is closed for the day

*For sharing circle, we do not allow any type of weapons or anything that may offend others, to be determined at the instructor’s discretion. We are not responsible for any toys/books that are lost or broken.

Monthly Theme

January: Letters and Numbers

February: Space, Science and Valentines

March: Dr. Seuss!

April: Earth, Plants, and Gardening

May: Our Community

June: Transportation

July: Art

August: Fairytales

September: Animals

October: Dinosaurs and Halloween

 November: Colors/Shapes “Mix, match, and draw”

December: Countries, language, diversity and The Holiday’s!

What People are Saying:

  • Thank you so much BBC, for saving the sanity of Seattle moms one drop-off at a time.

  • The teachers are amazing and the attention to the kids is wonderful whether they are packed or have a smaller group.

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