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Blossoming Buds Cottage Policies

Please read in the entirety. Please keep this for your file.

A. We have a total of 12 parking stalls in our building lot and 2 load/un-load zones in front of the facility for your convenience. We try to keep the parking open as frequently as possible, so please do not leave your vehicle in the spaces for long periods of time.
B. If you cannot make it to one of your visits please cancel 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in a $10 cancellation fee that will be automatically added to your next visit.
C. Your child may come any time between the hours of 9am-5pm for 2-4 hours.
D. We have a 2 hour minimum. If your child is picked up early, the 2 hours still applies.
E. There is a late fee if picked up after 4 hours of care or after 5pm. Late fees will automatically generate on your receipt.
F. If you are running late for pick-up before the 4 hour maximum and before 5 pm, please call us to ensure that there is enough space for your child.
G. We accept checks and any credit cards with the Visa, MasterCard or Discover logo. For the safety of our students we are cashless facility.
H. Returned checks will result in a $50.00 service fee.
I. All payments are due upon pick-up.
J. Rates and fees shall be re-evaluated each year.

Fee Schedule:

$6.50/ siblings
$1.50 extra/hour for students that are not potty trained (we provide all supplies)
$30 registration fee/family

Punch cards:

An easy and convenient way to pay ahead for our frequent customers! You don’t have to worry about bringing in your card each time; we will keep track for you through our computer software. At any time we can print you out a statement to let you know your punch card balance. hour free
Fine Print: If you need to be reimbursed the money left over in your ledger we will deduct the amount for the free ½ hour or hour.

Blossoming Buds Cottage Health Policies

Please read in the entirety. Please keep this for your file.

Illness Policy

Please be considerate of the other families and keep ill children at home. Use your best judgment. If a child comes to Blossoming Buds Cottage and has a temperature, rash, drainage from the eye, diarrhea, vomiting, sore throat, severe cough, severe headache, etc the parents will be contacted immediately to pick-up their child. Germs can spread fast in a children facility even though we sanitize daily and when needed hourly.
When unsure please feel free to contact the front desk and we will let you know what to do. We will never give children medication that was not brought by the parents. If a child is sick and the doctor has given the parents permission that it is safe for the child to come back, we will give the child medication if needed. Please bring the labeled medication with the dosage and we will make sure to give the child the right amount at the right time.
Please note that most children, when sick, are not contagious after 3 days, but if the child still has a lot of symptoms (fever, coughing, severe running nose, sneezing, tired, nauseous, etc.) we ask them not to be brought. Thank you for understanding.

Hand Washing Policy

We all know how germy kids’ hands can be. That is why we require all students and siblings (that may be with when dropping off) to either wash their hands in the bathroom or use our hand sanitizer gel before touching any toys. The children and staff will be required to wash their hands before eating anything and after using the restroom. We have sanitation wipes and gel around the facility to make sure the children and staff always has access to cleaning their hands/face.

Medication/Allergy Information

If your child has any medical problem that may need attention while in our care we advice you to leave an extra set of medication with us while your child is in our care. We will keep the medication in a locked box that will only be used on your child. For the child’s safety, we do not allow the medication to be stored in the child’s cubby. Please make sure to take it home when you leave. Please write down any medical concerns your child has on the lines provided and turn it in.

Blossoming Buds Cottage Important General Information


Please make sure your child comes prepared in the appropriate attire everyday. We will be doing arts and crafts and other activities that may cause them to get soiled. We are not responsible for any clothing that gets damaged. We highly suggest leaving an extra outfit and underwear at school in case of an accident. We are a shoes-off facility to help keep the school as clean as possible. Please put their shoes on their cubby along with backpack and jacket. We appreciate if all children wear socks while with us.


We have a designated lunch/snack time twice a day: 11am and 3pm. If you bring a lunch/snacks please write their name on their lunchbox for there are many students who have the same one. We
will supply a small snack for children who do not provide their own lunch/snack. Our snacks consist of crackers or pretzels with water. Please make sure to write down everything your child is allergic to, or cannot eat due to religion, on the emergency contact form.


Every child will be disciplined in the same manner. We want to teach the children to work well with others, and become responsible for their own behavior. All Blossoming Buds facilities discipline is based on always making the right choice. If they chose not to make the right choices we will give them two options to curb the behavior. The choices will usually be along the lines of 1) having some time to themselves away from the other children to think about their behavior or 2) realizing what they did wrong and moving on. The actions we take will always be depending on the severity of the behavior. If the behavior persists, their teacher and the child will have a meeting about what they can do together to solve the problem. If the problem still persists, which we never anticipate, we will call the parents and go from there.

Child Abuse Reporting Law Requirements

By law we are required to report any indication of child abuse, being emotional, physical, sexual abuse, child neglect or exploitation. The director, Tristan Christophilis, and our staff have taken classes on child abuse and know the direct signs of any abuse. The director would not hesitate to contact CPS (Child Protection Services) if any of the signs are visible. Abuse is a major issue and will be taken very seriously. We are not obligated to inform parents if the police or CPS is notified.

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